Nathan Muchowski

Team Lead

Nathan grew up on Muchowski Farms, a grain farm outside Odessa, Saskatchewan. Working long hours with farm machinery led Nathan to envision futuristic designs for agricultural equipment with the goals of improved efficiency and quality. This vision motivated Nathan to achieve a degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Regina in 2012 and to further pursue his interest in robotics through online certificates from both Queensland University of Technology and Stanford University.

Luba Kozak

Public Relations

Luba is a Public Relations specialist for the Muchowski Farms AgBOT team. Luba has a double major in Art History and English from the University of Regina, as well as a Professional Writing certificate, specializing in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Calgary. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Regina.

Pat & Gail Muchowski

Farm Owners

Pat and Gail are third generation farmers at Muchowski Farms. Jason and Jaclyn Muchowski continue as fourth generation farmers.

Patrick and Gail Muchowski have four children (Pamela, Jason, Tracy, and Nathan) and five grandchildren.

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